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New Admissions

 Applications to join Thorpedene Primary and Nursery are administered by Southend-on-Sea City Council. To apply please use the link below to apply online, if you require a paper application please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01702 215000.

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Reception 2024 Welcome Presentation 

Thorpedene Determined Admission Arrangements for 2023/2024

Thorpedene Determined Admission Arrangements for 2022/2023

Click below to find out about Southend on Sea City Council admission arrangements: 

Southend on Sea Admissions

For in-year admissions to our school please see the information provided on the Southend on Sea Admissions website:

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Each autumn term children who are 4 years old on or by 31st August are admitted into a Reception class. There is a phased induction programme during the autumn, which is based on the needs of individual children. The majority of children would be in full-time schooling by the end of September, however some pupils may have a longer induction period due to their individual needs.

The school had adopted the admissions criteria recommended by the Admissions Forum for Southend and Primary School Admissions Booklet updated each September on the Southend Borough website and available as a hard copy.

The Local Authority administers all admissions to the school.

At the cut off date, the places will be allocated, up to a maximum of 90 per year, according to the criteria:-

  1. Pupils in the Care of the Local Authority/previously in public care.
  2. Pupils who live in the priority admissions area with a sibling in Thorpedene Primary school.
  3. Pupils living inside the priority admissions area.
  4. Pupils living outside the priority admissions area with a sibling in Thorpedene Primary school.
  5. Pupils living outside the priority area, with those living closest, measured by straight line, being given preference.

(1) A sibling is considered to be an older brother or sister, half brother or half sister, step-brother or step-sister, adopted brother or sister, living at the same address, who attends the school at the time of application with a reasonable expectation that he or she will still be attending at the time of the proposed admission.

In the case of over subscription in any one category “straight line” distance will be used to measure the distance between the pupil’s home (including flats) and the nearest pupil entrance to the school. Distances will be measured using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system. The pupils living closest will be given priority.

Looked after children and Previously looked after children – Children who are in the care of local authorities as defined by Section 22 of the Children Act 1989. In relation to school admissions legislation a ‘looked after child’ is a child in public care at the time of application to the school’. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order).

Looked after and previously looked after children are given the highest priority for each relevant age group and in all ranking for all schools.

For further information please follow the link to Southend Council as they handle our school admissions.
Southend On Sea City Council Admissions

Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) and Education Health and Care Plan

(EHCP) – A Statement of Special Educational Need is a statement made by the local authority under Section 324 of the Education Act 1996, specifying the special educational provision required for that child. If the school is oversubscribed, the admission of pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan where the school is named in the Statement or Plan, is mandatory.

Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

The school will admit all children who have a SEN statement or EHCP where this school named.

Children who have Special Educational Needs but who do not have a SEN statement or EHCP will be treated equally to all other applicants in the admissions process. This includes children who may need extra support or reasonable adjustments to be made. The school will do everything it can to accommodate these pupils. See our SEN Local Offer for details of special provision provided by the school.


If the parent/carer is still not satisfied, an independent Admissions Appeals Committee will be established by the Local Authority in partnership with the Chair of Governors that would consist of members who are completely independent of the school.

In the event of any appeal, the school would follow the Admissions Appeal Code.

This Policy is subject to amendment as required by the School Admissions Code.

Parents/carers have a right to submit an appeal for schools that have refused a place. Appeals are heard by an Independent Appeals Panel.

For information on appeals please see Southend Council Website:

Southend Council Primary School Admissions Appeals