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Important Information

From Monday 8th March, we are open to all pupils and look forward to welcoming our pupils back to face-to-face learning.

We will continue to keep in touch if we update our plans or if we need to make changes due to new government guidance.

 It is essential that we make every effort to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading in our community. At the same time, we must do what we can to resume a level of normality to help our children to continue their learning and developing social skills within the school setting.

Please continue to adhere to the social distancing guidelines of 2 metres on the playgrounds and pathways as around the school.

 Your cooperation and support will be very much appreciated, not least in helping your child/children to understand and follow the rules and guidelines.

Remote Learning

  • if you have not yet received login details please email
  • read the Remote Learning Letter and Parent Guide attached carefully to find out how to access and upload work
  • If you have any further queries or difficulties accessing the remote learning please email us at and we will endeavour to help you

Remote Learning Letter

Parent Guide - TEAMS

You can also see our updated Risk Assessment here

At Thorpedene Primary School we have:

A community, whose purpose is the creation of a happy, safe and secure environment in which learning in all its aspects is encouraged, where we develop each child emotionally, so all are valued, have a sense of responsibility, demonstrate respect and show care for everyone, both within school and within the wider community.
We aim to provide a purposeful, well-balanced curriculum in an interesting environment, which stimulates learning, encouraging reflective children to have the independence and self-confidence to live and learn, now and in the future.

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