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Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

What is the phonics screening check?

All Year 1 pupils in England take the Phonics Screening Check. It’s done in school by our staff.

The check is made up of 40 words, and usually lasts 5-10 minutes. Some words are real words, and others are nonsense, or ‘alien’ words, that help to show if pupils can work out how to decode words they haven’t seen before.

The check helps us to see:

  • How pupils are progressing in phonics
  • Where to provide additional teaching and support

The check may not be appropriate for some pupils. We’ll let you know if we think this is the case for your child.

When will it be happening?

Year 1 will do the phonics screening check in June 2023.

Will I receive feedback on my child’s check?

Yes. We will share your child’s score via the My Child At School APP at the end of the academic year.

If your child does not meet the expected standard in the check, they’ll get to have another go next year (for year 1) or in the summer term (for year 2).

Do we need to prepare at home?

Any support you can offer will support the work your child is being taught phonics at school. This can be supported through:

  • Completing the weekly online reading e-books your child is set via Collins e-books
  • Reading to and with your children
  • Playing sound and reading games
  • Teaching them new words, and showing them how they’re written


Are there any workshops to support my understanding of the Phonics screening check?

  • Phonics Workshop – 2nd November 2022 9.10am